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Completed service: Marmato mine, Colombia

Completed service: Marmato mine, Colombia

INCIMMET has recently and successfully completed two specialized services linked to our Mine Fill solutions:

ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, CONSTRUCTION, ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION OF AN INDOOR CEMENTED ROCK FILLING MINE (CRF FILLING) PLANT, and the OPTIMIZATION STUDY OF THE PROCESS OF THE HYDRAULIC FILLING PLANT in Mina Marmato, located in the municipality of Marmato, department of Caldas – Colombia. We thank ARIS MINING for the trust and we are sure that we will continue to strengthen our alliance through the development of new services with an innovation component, always hand in hand with the best safety standards and care for the environment.


ARIS MINING is a Canadian mining company that operates the Segovia and Marmato gold mines in Colombia.