• Honesty

    Honesty is a pillar in our company and we practice it at all times

  • Safety Management

    Our commitment is to develop a corporate culture of risk preventions

  • Passion for improvements

    We promote continuous improvement with passion. It is a commitment with ourselves and our clients

Our strategy is based on our experience as a mining contractor given our relevant know-how in excavation and its related services.
Now, we seek to enhance our value by strengthening our portfolio of services to provide integral solutions in excavation for the mining industry and infrastructure projects. We aim at providing the highest standards in safety, the best management practices and the adequate human capital.
In all of our activities, we practice the cost leadership approach, which greatly benefits our clients. At the same time, we research and develop different ways of doing things using the current technology to fulfill our client’s expectations.

Our Services For Mining Industry

Underground mining:

Under the concept of the integral solution in excavation, our objective is to have underground mining operations with the adequate portfolio of services to offer our clients the lowest production cost. We seek to be autonomous in the work area assigned by the client to increase productivity and improve safety standards. With this business model, we seek to reduce the interferences and inefficiencies that are generated by having several contractors.

Surface mining:

Our company has the experience and relevant certifications to offer efficient construction processes, competitive prices with high safety and environmental standards.


Our Services For Infrastructure Projects

We know that our impeccable experience is valuable for the challenges facing the infrastructure market. We want to participate in reversing the infrastructure deficit that our region has and be an attractive alternative for our customers in this market. We are using our activities and the experience we already have obtained in past years.

Nuestros Valores

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Passion for Improving

  • Security

  • Teamwork

in Cable Bolting


Buscamos sorprender a nuestros clientes sobrepasando sus expectativas de producción


We conducted our work in strict compliance with safety standards . We aim to be certified ISO 14000 and OSHAS 18000 in 2016 .


Nuestra estretegia de liderazgo en costos nos permite ofrecer precios competitivos en nuestra industria






INCIMMET S.A., is a business organization that provides integral solutions for the mining industry and civil infrastructure projects, actively seeks to ensure the human development and welfare of its collaborators and so to guarantee a responsible attitude and handling of their activities, since planning, performance, monitoring and evaluation of the results obtained in their tasks through continuous improvement, by committing to:


1. To achieve our safety, occupational health, environment and quality goals, in accordance to the mission and vision of the company, achieving an index of accidentability ≤0.9.

2. Comply with current applicable legislation, voluntary programs, collective bargaining in occupational health and safety and other commitments assumed by the company.

3. To promote a culture of prevention of occupational hazards for the entire organization to internalize the prevention and proactivity concepts, by promoting safe behaviors.

4. To guarantee that its employees and their representatives are being communicated and consulted about safety management, occupational health, environment and quality by promoting dialogue and active involvement.

5. To perform continuous improvement actions to prevent injuries and diseases in employees, mitigate environmental pollution, optimize processes by promoting the effectiveness of the customer satisfaction oriented system.

6. To provide a safe and healthy work environment to its employees, suppliers and visitors, ensuring their safety and health through prevention and control of potential hazard occurrences.

7. To prevent, minimize and control the environmental impact by optimizing the use of natural resources through responsible and sustainable management.

8. To manage the culture of the organization by establishing best practices through an authentic and proven behavior of its leaders and collaborators by strengthening their autonomy.

In such sense, the undersigned on behalf of the Organization INCIMMET S.A. declare our commitment to comply with the guidelines contained in this Policy.


Lima, August 28th, 2017